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Why does the web site fail to allow me to add more travel add-ons?

I have traveled to the US and before I left I was able to add the following add-ons: 200 txt msg and 500MB of data.
When I try to add more travel add-ons, I can't. I click the following:
mobile/discover zones and rates
and I am either logged out of my account or redirected back to the main account page.
This is a serious issue, as I don't want to pay exorbitant roaming charges.
I have tried this with multiple browsers, cleared browser cache, incognito mode etc. All to no avail.


  • "Are you trying to add more than one US add-on at a time? You may have to use up the first one before you can add another one."
    That is possible and I considered it, but also don't think so. Imagine the scenario where I only took text messaging and later want to add data. This 'bug' would prevent prevent this.
    Anyway, here hoping I can indeed add more once this data is consumed.
  • Hi Scott,
    It very well may be that you cannot add multiple addons for the same country at once which would make sense if you already have an addon on your account. As I mentioned in the other thread, Fizz is really not reliable enough yet to take outside the country. I think all that do are brave indeed.
    In the US you can get a local prepaid SIM for a low cost that will work while you are travelling. This is likely a better option to use instead of trying to rely on Fizz. I am sure it is frustrating, but this is why they are a discount provider.
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