How does one ensure wallet funds work in the USA for a plan with Canada coverage zone?

I have travelled to the USA several times recently and have yet to be able to use voice, sms, and data simultaneously via the funds in my wallet. On my first trip (NYC) , I was able to use voice and text on one of my two lines, but not the other and could not use data on either line. On the second trip (Orlando) nothing would work at all. I then tried in NJ, and again nothing worked. Finally, in upstate NY this past weekend, data worked, but no voice or SMS. In all cases, I had roaming turned on. I was connected to AT&T with strong signal strength. I rebooted my phone to force a new registration, etc. but could not get everything to work.
Does anyone have any definitive guidance to get this to work? I don't need to use my phone much on my travels, so I am not looking for a fixed add-on package, I want the pay-as-you-go with the wallet to work as advertised.


  • There are PAYG rates for calls, texts, and data. I was able to use data this past weekend without an add-on. I had LTE data, no need for 3G.
  • I understand, but that doesn't explain the lack of voice or SMS.
    The agreement with AT&T in the USA seems to support LTE.
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    Several users have reported bugs with "add on" in the past.
    If you require reliable cell service, you can buy a Roam Mobility SIM (10$) and buy a per day plan (about 5$ a day). Other option is to buy SIM at destination.
  • Thanks for the suggestion. I do have a RM SIM, but I am hoping to solve the problem such that it is seemless and I can continue to use my Fizz number.
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    Hello Jason,
    In order to be able to help you, please contact us via Facebook Messenger or Live Chat. On the following link you will find information regarding how you can do that: .
    Thank you very much for your understanding.
    Have a wonderful day!
  • I have contacted you during two of my trips and have been told that the problem would be escalated. No one has contacted me since.
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