Date and Region settings are wrong?

I have asked this question over 10 days ago. The answer I got was to communicate with the MANUFACTURER of the modem. I did send them my question. They have not returned any acknowledgement of question and I suspect they will not answer me. I am not their immediate customer.
Can I expect FIZZ personnel to inquire about this problem and take steps to correct, or shall I have to live with it. It has given me a major problem so far, and do wish FIZZ would take this question seriously. I noticed, I am not the only one having this problem.


  • I would suggest the following:
    1. remove coaxial cable from modem
    2. do a factory reset to the modem.
    3. unplug power cord and any cable ethernet
    Drink a coffee give some 15 minutes and
    4. reconnect coaxial
    5. reconnect power cord
    6. restart modem and follow instructions (your password and user and in the back of the modem)
    Hopefully this will fix the problem.
  • Fizzy
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    We cannot set or change the time of the Fizz modem.

    You can use the App to do your time-based scheduling. The App takes the time from the device upon which the App is installed, not from the Fizz modem. So the time-based scheduling works fine.

  • Unfortunately there is no way to change the date and time of your router at this point in time, hopefully Fizz with push down a new firmware update sooner or later that allows you to change it manually. Your best bet is probably to contact Fizz either on the help page or through facebook messenger. If your looking for doing time-based scheduling, go ahead and do what Fizzy recommended, it should work fine.
  • Whizz
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    Hello @All,

    In the interface of the modem, you should be able to make a change for the date and time from System Overview - System time. If this is not possible, can you please try to reach us by chat or Facebook messenger with more details regarding the problem caused by the wrong date display?


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