I need help. Is this service a joke? Who can help me?

I have been trying for 3 days already and going around in circles in your site without any help.
I want to do a payment and all I got is:
"You have reached the maximum number of credit cards allowed on an account." It is very frustrating.


  • The chat is your best bet for service as someone is on the other end pretty much right away daytime.
  • the fizz services look like it's crap..I live in Montreal and I am told that there is a lot of issues.I have one of my own.I want to know if you can use your wifi calling with your iphone with fizz,so far I didn't find the answer.so I will wait a while more before becoming a fizz client...
  • me too, and it really sucks. this company just sucks. i hve no vocabulary, i'M too mad. I even put money into the "wallet" becsause I thought it would help, but no. fucking shit.
  • Gally
    Gally Posts: 53
    Did you finally reached FIZZ CS ?
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