Why is the Fizz staff choosing their own answer to my questions and closing the thread preventing ot

Could the fizz staff please stop closing my community posted questions?
Several times they give a poor answer and then select their own post as the answer, thus closing the case and other can not reply to the questions and comments.
The poster should be able to chose the "answer", not have some poor answer be chosen by someone else.


  • Hi, the reason why they do this is usually due to the problem only being related to one person, there is no sense in having a whole thread open just for a one person issue. Im sure another of the reasons is probably to help out others later on by telling them to talk to them for account based support and not the community.

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    April's fool everyday at fizz ;)
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    Not fair :(
  • Upon looking at your forums account, it seems that there is only one of the questions you asked that got chosen as best answer on the forums, reason for it is because everyone was saying to contact Fizz, so Whizz effectively took over the situation and is recommending you to do as others have mentionned.
  • @Chris
    No - not for 1 question, they chose and closed every community post I made.
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    This is undermining the purpose of the forum. I noticed the same thing yesterday where my thread was closed and a best answer was chosen by Fizz (https://community.fizz.ca/questions/1938834-fizz-offer-0-5gig-option).


    I was blocked at least 2 times when I tried yesterday and today to post about the issue. Someone is not playing fair game when a back door is used to pick an answer of their liking. I do not think that it is related to the yesterday outage or is it the work of a ghost hidden hand?

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    Hey MB,
    @Chris has part of the answer, the other part why we close the thread and chose our answer as an accepted solution is due to the OP's not selecting an accepted solution to their own question and the question remains open for an indefinite time, or because the answers provided are not the good ones and we step in and give the good answer. Lastly we close the thread with a reply and ask the member to contact us.
    The logic behind this process is so that customers searching threads have the appropriate answer to their question. If not, there would be many threads that would remain open and it wouldn't help others in their search.
  • I do agree that it is a valid point Whizz... Also, upon reading my response earlier I didn't word it properly, I made it sound like I knew the reason. But in reality I was just stating my beliefs.
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    To the Whizz:
    I completely disagree with your response.
    a) You closed my thread by picking an answer as the best one WITHOUT sending any email or text to me. It was posted only last week.
    b) If you want to answer a question, you can just provide your own response to the question as the Whizz but don't use the back door. It sounds like cheating to me.
    c) Using the back door gives the impression that the best answer was picked by the member who posted the question. The member who initiated the post might not even agree with your best answer.
    d) Some threads are dated back 4 months ago and are still opened. Shouldn't you try closing those old ones first?
    e) If you want to close posts after so many days, let the rule be known to everyone and we'll all play by the rules.
    That's my humble opinion!
    Btw, do you know what triggered yesterday's outage?
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    I see that Whizz has left this question open. He could have easily chosen the staff reply as Best Answer and left it like that.


    Even though this is a community forum, we are using Fizz property and are bound by their TOS. There are many, many other community forums where moderators have similar administrative rights.


    On a positive note, I think Fizz staff have improved on their answers lately. And are not as quick to close posts.

  • Thoughts? Take a hint from sites like stackexchange and move the "best answer" to the top of the thread. If duplicate questions pop up, simply close them as duplicates, with a link to the already answered thread. Otherwise, you are simply blocking the means by which people can have a conversation around the question or issue at hand, and people will simply take their conversations elsewhere, where you have no control. I've build QnA sites and communities before, and closing threads arbitrarily is the easiest way to irritate your users and drive them away. Unless this is what you want to achieve of course, please stop.