Travel addons for USA data/voice still under "my plans" say full 60min & 500mb amt., how to confirm

Under my plans, two travel add-ons show up (these are the type that are ONE time buy, they are NOT monthly options).
How long do they last because they still show up under "my plans" but they also show FULL data and full voice amounts? Is there some way to confirm they are still enabled for me to use them? fizz facebook not replying.


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    From the FAQ:
    Add-On is active immediately.
    They’re valid until the end of your next payment cycle.In other words, if there are 10 days left on your current payment cycle, your Add-On will be valid for approximately 40 days.
    When did you get this add-on?
    If it's coming from a Perk, you have 90 days to activate them, but you should also see the number of days left if you click on "See detail" of My Rewards Program.
  • No its not reward.
  • . Also they aren't 'add ons' they are 'travel add-ons', different that they are one time charge.
    I heard at one time 3 months, but also before I thought they showed when they expired.
    Now they don't show expiry dates, but they show up listed on "my plan" which seems to indicate they are still valid.
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    I can't be sure 100%, because I never used a travel add-on, but normally it should be active until the end of the next billing cycle from the date you purchase it.
    So if 10 days are left on your plan and you bought this add-on on the current billing cycle, you will have 40 days left. If you bought the add-on on the previous cycle, the add-on will end at the same time as your plan (day left on your plan).
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    Hello Michael Bazzarelli,
    On the following link you will find information about the Travel Add-on: .
    Thank you very much for your understanding.
    Have a wonderful day!
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