Why there is no internet?

I just had a technician come over to my place and activated the cable. I followed the instructions and set up my modem. However, it is not working. It has been about an hour so I guess the modem has finished updating itself. Now I have the following lights on (solid lit): power, downstream, upstream, @, 2.4G. The 5G light is off, but on the manual it shows that 5G light should be off, so I didn't worry about it.
I tried to connect my laptop to the new fizz wireless network using the network default name and password shown on the back of the modem. However, it tells me the password is wrong and I cannot get connected. I tried with my phone and it's the same result.
I then plugged the ethernet cable to set up a wired connection from the modem to my laptop. The Computer light on the modem turned on, but my laptop says "no connection", and I cannot connect to internet.
And there was no way for me to get the chat bubble. So I'm here cry for help!
Thanks, guys!


  • Sebastien
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    Sometimes, it might have a delay between the installation and activation. Please wait. Reboot or reset your modem it could help. What is the light status on the modem?
  • you couldbe rıght
  • Whizz
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    Hello Dong ,
    I checked your internet connection and on my side everything looks fine.If you still encounter this issue please contact us via Live Chat.
    Have a nice day!
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