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Why does Europe 1Gb travel add-on doesn't work? (Followup)

Here is a quick followup on my support request about Europe Travel Data Add-on. Finally, it took 4 days to activate add-on. So I lost 4 days of service without any apology or compensation from Fizz. In total I spent almost 3 hours for chats with support, internet research and reboots of my phone. Finally, you don't need to reboot your phone to get it working. If you see "Operator Name LTE" on the top of your screen, it means that APN settings ARE GOOD! It's just Fizz billing doesn't work properly. Also there are a lot of misconceptions with iPhone APN settings, but once and forever - Fizz blocking iPhone APN settings. There is no way to change APN on iPhone with Fizz SIM card. Period. I have tons of people suggesting doing it and pointing to one article on this community hub. It probably works for Android, but NOT for iPhone.
Happy end: LTE the Internet was OK in Limerick, Cork, Galway, Dublin and on almost all highways. Sometimes I saw 3G and even EDGE (who remember this?).
@Fizz community hub support team - Please, let me decide which reply really helped me instead of just closing my topic here.


  • Whizz
    Whizz Posts: 7,879
    Hi Artem,
    Good to know everything works correctly for you and we are really sorry for the inconvenience.
    There are no APN settings on iPhone, you are right. You can use your iPhone with Fizz services only by having the latest update at least and the carrier has to be Fizz 35.0 in your settings.
    Also, because you encountered an issue with the travel add-on, I've just refunded the 5.75$ you've paid.
    I really am sorry for this inconvenience, Artem, have a good day!
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