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When can I change my plan?

I am finishing my beta plan at the end of the month (March 2019). I want to change my plan before I go to regular (Introductory) price. When should I change my plan so that it is effective before my beta period?. Thanks


  • Davit L.
    Davit L. Posts: 56

    Any change on your plan will be effective on your next billing date.


    Let's say your billing date is every 20th of the month. The next billing date would be on March 20. Any change on your plan made before March 20th will be effective on the 20th. Any changes made after March 20th will be effective on the next billing date, in this case, on April 20th.

    At the end of your Beta period, you will go on the introductory price automatically.

  • My beta ended two days ago. They gave me about 2 days notice that it was ending and I would be transitioned to the introductory prices. But I wanted to change my plan options so I did that right away and the new plan is what I got charged for.
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