Issues with modem installation and cannot request another appointment?

David C. 9467
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Hi, I just my internet installed last week and my signal is weak overall. Losing signal from time to time. The technician said we can test the internet with the modem inside my garage for now to avoid wiring too much in the house abd also because it was late night but we need the modem closer to the center of the house as the wi-fi keep disrupting. We again need a technician to relocate to modem as we are not satisfied of the first instalation. I have 60mbs plan but i barely reach 20mbs in Download and i have less than 1 MBS for upload.
I tried to go in the manage account and into the appointment section on fizz website to get a new appointment but i cannot make a new one in anyway. It only says "installation complete". I don't see any phone number on the website too. How can i get a technician?


  • Whizz
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    Hello David,
    I can see that all of your signals are ok and everything seems good on our side.
    Can you please contact us directly via chat if you're still encounter this situation?
    Have a good one.
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