Without service problem with my card but I can see what is the problem

Hi I got a message last night that said that there are a problem with my payment, I went to see my profile and I can Identify wich is the problem, and nobody answer me. I try to contact us but nothing ..and then I wrote a message in facebook and nothing .. any idea how to solve this problem?


  • M T. #338
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    You can "chat" with Fizz by opening a help page https://fizz.ca/en/solutions .
    You'll see a bubble chat at the bottom right after 15 seconds
  • another aditional thing that I tried just now ..was delete my actual credit card and tried to register another one .. but now said: You have reached the maximun number of credit card ..and also Is not allowed to delete my actual credit card to add the new one.
    that's so annoying ..
  • Sebastien
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    On My Profile, Payment Method, you should have a "Reset limit of payment method attached to account" link under the credit cards you have in peyment method.Click the link.
    Then try to add the new credit first. Before to delete the previous credit card, you need to go to My Plans, then Manage Plan and Payment Method. Change the default credit card (the new one). So you can go back to My profile and Payment Method and delete the old credit card.
    I would like to change de default payment method and add and delete credits cards at the same place, but it's not the way it work, sadly.
  • well I change my credit card but now I need to wait 24 hrs ..and also I didn't know why my another card was with problems because was perfectly ok the last 2 months. I don't go it. Just wait now .. that's annoying.
  • Whizz
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    Hi Carmen,
    Thank you for your patience - It's much appreciated! If you were able to add your credit card your service will resume tonight and not in 24 hours. Also, a heads up we know the difficulties that some of you are going through with our current payment setup - we will soon be deploying some changes to make things a lot simpler and headache free :) Once again, sorry for the hassle this may have caused!
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