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This is a sharing post, like a feedback rather than a question, just for your info.
(La version francaise se trouve celle-ci:

I have welcome the technician last Saturday, who was very kind to help me figure out all, though I ordered Self-Installation.
He firstly helped find out where the Videotron box is, and then add a connection converter since both cables (I believe the cable is fibre type) are female type.
Secondly he triggered the signal to be activated, and tested to make sure that it works well.
Finally he connect the cable and leave me configure the modern myself.
It was easy, just follow the configure guide and then everything works.

But I have found several issues:
1. the Internet itself was stable, but when one of us made a video call, as soon as the video call was connected, the other's wifi connection got lost, and vice versa;
2. The speed was not that as 60Mbps, as I tested the max could only be 30Mbps;
3. There was only one WIFI SSID, as I thought there could have 2, one named 5GHz, with which speed can be faster...

According to these three main issues, I searched the Community Hub and found these three posts useful:
There is an official answer in this, which can be very trusted!
Thank Victor for his suggestions!
After applying these, now I feel good to share all these to you. Hoping this could help others too!

PS: If you find this post helpful, please give a kudo~


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