I updated my credit card and now my plan wont work?

My credit card was cancelled due to fraud. I attempted to switch it several times on Friday and it didnt work. My plan ended last night and only finally now did my credit card work, but my phone plan is not working now. Anyone know what I can do?


  • I need my phone for work related calls and messages now! Is there nothing else I can do???
  • GyslainH
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    Fizz work by day so your gonna have to be patien till at least tomorrow
    It’s not a good idea to have a work phone so important on a beta system
  • Jonau
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    With the current billing system no one should use Fizz service for work related regardless if it's in beta or not.
  • If a service is good, it should work for work or personal!!! Im just frustrated that I updated my credit card due to fraud and I wasnt able to save that on Fizz,! I had no idea that they would cancel me on the day my cycle ends... This is all new to me
  • There have been lots of posts this week about accounts being suspended due to payment issues. Time for a grace period... and manual payment... thanks Fizz! My plan rolls over in a few days, hopefully I don't have a random payment bug suspending my account too!
  • kamurb
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    I was planning to change my card for payment in Fizz, I think its better to wait for sometime.
  • Whizz
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    Hello, Chana!
    Please feel free to reach out via Fizz Chat to address your concerns. https://fizz.ca/en/contact-us
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