Refund the money after canceling the line?

I ordered my sim card on 8 Dec and my line was activated on Dec. 11, I transferred my line on Wednesday, Dec. 19 and I wrote a ticket for you on Dec. 22. In reality, I used the line just for 9 days from Dec. 10 to Dec. 19 and I believe you can check all these in your systems. (it took 3 days for my SIM card to be activated)
In the worst case scenario from Dec. 8 to Dec. 22, It is 14 Days and I've not exceeded the trial period
However, I believe your customer satisfaction will bring you more in future and as a newly emerged one you need to make more trust among the customers so please refund my payment because I'm just asking you to do your promises and nothing more.
Thanks and Regards,


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