I've been receiving fraud email and txt from Fizz impersonators, are others?

Since getting a Fizz account I have suddenly received some scam TXT and email.
The txt is a link to fizzmobilitywirelessrefund.com and is trying to "give" me 10$ from Fizz mobile.
Wanted to let Fizz know so maybe they could report/request that website could be taken down or something, but I don't see any Fizz email to report abuse like this to.


  • M T. #338
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    Many users have received this text and Fizz is aware of this scam.
  • Then Fizz should contact who's hosting that domain so they shut it down... I've seen other companies do that.
  • DinoS
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    Yes ,they do 0000 to 9999, not too much you can do . Report to Fizz and fizz will block it.
  • This scam usually targets Fizz phone numbers starting in 343. Fizz is aware of this issue.
  • Whizz
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    Hello Michael,
    Fizz is aware that some of its members were targeted by a text message phishing attempt this weekend. Both the sender’s email address and Internet address were quickly blocked.
    We recommend you to destroy the text message your received.
    Have a nice day.
  • I also received
    Hope they will block it!
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