After 2 weeks of communication with Fizz and Fido, to make a portability, I'm exhausted. I feel like

Ali M. 7096
Ali M. 7096 Posts: 4 ✭✭
Why after 7 times of portability try by Fido my number is blocked by Fizz!?? Fido says there this message appears each time: The client plan is not active, while I talked with your colleagues 100 times and they told me my plan is ACTIVE!


  • DinoS
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    Try with IMEI way, tell FIZZ your IMEI number of phone, and ask them to try again.
  • TheMMc
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    I don't understand very well your problem but try to update all your phones (yours and you collegue one's) restart both. Check if your both plan is active. If it's perist check if he doen't block you on his phone. If nothing work you will need to chat with fizz and you carier.
  • Whizz
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    Hi Ali,
    In order to help you further, please contact us by chat or by private message on Facebook, here you have the info: "".
    Have a great day!
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