When I put in my address for home internet it tells me it's not available for commercial. Im in a re

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I live in a residential apartment but they are telling me it is commercial. Anyone had this?


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    Please see my answer below regarding a complaint I filed:
    I was provided with an email from Fizz about enrolling in the beta less than one week before the last day to register for the beta (it's not a problem for me); I understand that there are limited invites.
    The issue is that when I went to add my address to see if the service was available in my region, I was told that it was not available but please consider the following:
    I am currently with one of your competitors: CIK Telecom, receiving a service at 60mbps DL/10mbps UL and they are providing my apartment with cable service. They are using VideoTron Infrastructure to deliver this cable service which is exactly what you will be using if I am not mistaken, however the web form says that it is not available at my address and furthermore, I reached out to a chat representative and they told me they could do nothing about this because they can only do what their electronic system allows them to do (I understand this is the practical answer).
    However, the infrastructure and service is the same. Please consider that the information/data that your system is using is not always updated in terms of what services are available and where they are available (the building is less than 2 and a half years old). I ran into this exact same issue when moving from Bell to CIK Telecom, however CIK Telecom had the ability (at a manager-level) to confirm that it was in fact a mistake to not provide my apartment with the internet service and after working with their staff, they were finally able to install the cable; using the aforementioned VideoTron lines at 60/10, exactly what you would be doing.
    Now I've missed out on the beta period and will not receive the promotional pricing. Also, Fizz! Please realize that there are a few customers that are willing to communicate with you and help with develop your data and infrastructure; aside from desiring a better internet service, we want to help.
    Please consider that the service is in fact available at my address: J8T 4J3
    I was really impressed with the Cell Phone Beta but missed out on the Internet Beta after waiting so long to receive an invite. I'm submitting this complaint because I think there is a discrepancy between what you think is possible at this address and what is actually possible at this address.
    I hope something can be done about this! I have not received help from the chat function or the social community.
    Thanks for reading.
    Kindest Regards,
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    This solved ?
  • Mariejoel
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    im in a residential appartment but they tell me that its commercial !? what can i do ?
  • Whizz
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    Hello Mariejoel,
    In your case, I suggest you contact our support department or check your address on the following link https://fizz.ca/en/internet?DATA_CAPACITY=10250&DOWNLOAD_SPEED=5010&PLAN=1000
    If you know that the address is residential, please check with Post Canada or the City Hall.
    Our contact methods can be found on the following FAQ https://fizz.ca/en/contact-us, you need to be connected into your account and click on Help, which is on mid-right of your screen, then click on Contact Us, or simply click on the link I've provided.
    Keep in mind that the answer on Facebook messenger is not in real-time and a delay can be between your question and our answer, that is why I suggest you contact us by chat for a better resolution in realtime.
    Have a good one!
    Nicolae Bogdan
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    I live in Montreal and can't add my address.
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