Sim card activated but not recognized on phone?

I got a notification that I activated my SIM card successfully and transferred my number, but my phone (Samsung Galaxy J1) says 'No Sim card, Emergency calls only'. I've tried taking it out and putting it back in. It's been two hours or so.


  • Do you have another phone to test with? Can you put your old sim back in from other provider to see if you get same error.
    Assuming of course the sim is inserted correctly and making good contact.
  • You might have to adjust the APN settings to make sure you're on the Fizz network:
  • DinoS
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    Buy other sim and do a sim replace. Fizz will refund your previously dim cost.
  • Whizz
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    Hi KathleeN,
    Porting your number from another provider sometimes may take a little more to activate it. If you still encounter this issue, I invite you to contact us by chat or by private messenger on Facebook and provide us with your e-mail associated with your account.
    Thank you and have a great day!
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