No text is sending

Havent been able to send texts for over 24hrs. Fizz "opened a ticket" a loooong while ago and I have yet to hear a damn thing. I've done ALL the troubleshooting twice-over. (Android) This is getting extremely ridiculous.


  • I haven't been able to send texts this either. Since 9am. Now is 6pm. I can receive texts. My wife also on fizz has no issues
  • DinoS
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    Use Facebook messenger too.
  • Update. Well my problem was my fault. My payment was declined because I got a new credit card. Old card was cancelled due to fraud. Just weird because I had partial service and as the the day wore on I started to lose the rest of my services and finally all service stopped late that same night. This morning my payment on new credit card went through and all service seems to be back.
    Fizz is pretty quick to cut you off with no notification email or message. Can be a cheap improvement in this area. They should a few days leeway before service cut off too. What if this was the only way I could access my account to pay?
  • Whizz
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    Hello Jennifer,
    I'm glad to see that your issue has been resolved.
    Have an excellent day!
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