how cancel my plan from Fizz and get my refund

The customer service of Fizz exhausted my tolerance of waiting for a phone number transfer. I tried to do the transfer online by providing my account number in my former phone service provider. Fizz said the transfer is failed and ask me to provide my account number and my phone's IMEI. I received several emails from Fizz and also demand of submitting contact form. I think Fizz service team did not read my reply, because each time their email repeated the same requirement regardless that these information is already provided.
Fizz does have digital service, you can not speak to them. Any way I do not want to waste my time in such poor service and try to cancel my plan. however, I can not find an unsubscribe button in my plan manage. Anybody, who knows how to cancel a plan and get refund from Fizz please leave your valuable message here. thanks.


  • Mario_D
    Your patience would equal $$$.
    You will not always need customer support once it works.
    It's a temporary set back. The savings will be permanent.
    Data rollover for the next 2 billing cycles permit you to select a smaller data plan than you would somewhere else.
    Think about it, you are punishing yourself. :-)
  • go to your profile then unsubscribe
  • Mario_D
    @Frederick M. He can not unsubscribe until he has successfully activated a SIM with a plan.
  • If it's less than 15 day, ask Fizz refund you. It's always last choice to do credit card charge back.
  • Try to activate your sim again, but don't port your number, choose any random number they provide. After activation you will see unsubscribe button and will have 15 days trial to cancel
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