Community Points & Rewards

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Hey Community,


One of the many interesting things that Fizz offers is the possibility of helping others in the community and being rewarded for those actions by unlocking perks, badges and rewards. It's our way of saying thank you and also keeping you engaged at the same time.


However, we've seen that there are a few community members that have found a way of "gaming the community" or "cheating the community" to ultimately get more points and unlock upgrades in their accounts faster than other members. We are fully aware of the issue and are working to deploy a solution in order to stop this from continuing to happen.


Also, in the coming days, we will be modifying the points/levels/perks that certain members have already received due to the situation above.


Lastly, we want to invite you to read up on our terms and conditions in regards to our rewards policy which can be found here: for further information.


We want to keep our community safe, vibrant and fair for all to use and have fun.


Thank you for understanding,




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