Payment method?

When it’s time to pay the plan each month, can we decide to pay later even though the line will not work or you guys take the money right away?


  • Can we get some sort of official verification? We have two separate answers:
    - Kent says you only have 7 days to pay, and he's citing official Fizz contract, but he's only level 1/5
    - Gabriel says 65 days but he's already level 3/5
    I get that Fizz is trying to save money by having all us users help each other but the result is that I never know whom to listen to and, more critically, there's zero accountability. If Kent turns out to be right and on day 8 of nonpayment my number is assigned to someone else, Fizz can just tell me that the other customer was wrong and I have zero recourse. Frustrating as hell.
  • It's a prepaid system. It will be deducted from your CC on file automatically.
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