International calling minutes don't work?

I opted for the $5 a month option of 1000 minutes to call to the Netherlands when I signed up. My sim is up and running, number ported etc. but when I try to call to the Netherlands, it tells me I need to log in and adjust some settings. My international call blocking is turned OFF, so what could it be?

Also, online it shows I have 100 minutes to the Netherlands instead of 1000.

Please fix ASAP, I have personal affairs and business to attend to, as well as family and friends to keep in touch with.

I paid for this, I expect it to work, is that so strange?


  • Just discovered I have the same problem, calling Czech Republic, not working
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    @Jana S., Sorry to hear about your situation!! Hope @Elmer V. will update us on progress of his issue.


    I suggest u to file a Contact Form in your Fizz a/c immediately and wait few days for Fizz CS.  In the meantime, use APP/LD for any immediate need in overseas communications, e.g.:


    2. (~US$1 for $0 when signup), or similar offer(s)

    3.  Google "online calling" for more options.

  • So far no updates. I contacted Fizz CS through multiple channels and they escalated it to a technical team. I'm guessing that the outages we had recently have kept them busy, so I'm fearful of slow progress on this issue.


    I fully expect to be refunded my money for the 1000 international minutes I could not use last month, together with compensation for the technical issues we all experienced. I hope Fizz fixes their issues soon, because I didn't switch to get a worse experience.

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    Hi Elmer,
    Unfortunately, this is a known issue. Someone from our team will be contacting you shortly to get this issue resolved :)
  • I did open case 2 days ago, followed up with testing to more numbers ( land line, different mobile providers) no response from support.
    Ticket 7144
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    @ Elmer V.
    I can confirm this issue was corrected for me and I can use my plan now.
    How about you?
  • The calling works now, and it doesn't seem to cost me more than what it should. The only thing is that the 1000 minutes don't show up correctly in my account overviews and that they charged some money back and forth on my card (probably a quick fix workaround). It's sort of solved, but I hope they get a proper solution in place soon!
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    Thank you both for the updates!! I have confidence that Fizz team will fixed this problem properly, eventually. Happy new year!!
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