discover zones and rates button is not working?

Hi, I want to see the zones and rates before making a choice and buying my plan, but the button discover zones and rates sends me to my account overview (which of course is empty since i just created my account). Does anyone know where I can find the information about 1. roaming cost and 2. the cost of a call from my coverage are to outside the coverage area?
Thank you.


  • Seems the bug is still present. I'm interested in switching to Fizz, but if I can't see what Fizz offers, then I can't switch to it.
    Seems like you can access this information once you have an activated SIM card. Can anyone do a screen shot of the "Discover Zones and Rates" information?
  • This bug is still present using Firefox 64 on Windows 10 and Linux as well as Google Chrome 71.0.3578.98 on Windows 10.
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