Don't transfer you numbers. Fizz holds them hostage, provides no timely support to help rectify the

Simply put, my number has been 'MIA' for 3 days. I can't receive calls or text. I can't even recover my number back to my original service provider. Best help I've gotten was "you'll get an email."
This is stupid. The one thing about a Beta service I think anyone needs, it would be having frequent comms on issues that are being worked on, especially with something as essential as a phone service. As it is, the live chat is broken 95% of the time, email responses are delayed by days, and I can't even unsubscribe (the option literally does't show up!!!
Unless Fizz is willing to provide some super emergency one time phone call option, I'll have to go through a CRTC complaint and lose my number in the mean time.


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