Three days later and I still haven't received my SIM. Any idea where it might be?

Hi guys. I ordered my SIM card three days ago (November 6), and, according to my portal, should have seen it on the 7th. Here I am on the 9th and I still don't have it. I know there's an ongoing Canada Post strike, so I'm wondering if that might be affecting things. I have no tracking number, so I've got no idea where it is beyond the fact that it's shipped.
I'd like to take advantage off the lower prices, which, apparently, are going away as of tomorrow.
Any help or insight into where the package might be would be appreciated


  • Whizz
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    Hey Rory,

    So sorry for the delay in receiving your SIM card, we did/do have some operational issues to deal with due to the high demand. Hang in there you should receive it soon.
    Community Team
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    Hi Mélanie,
    I can see that you didn't receive your first SIM and you redid the order. As far as I can see, this second SIM has been delivered today.
    Hope you got it.
    Here for you.
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