Wanted: Participants for a test.

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Hello everyone, 


You know us, we have ideas coming out of our ears, and we’re looking for six (6) participants to test a new page in your Fizz.ca account. We’re talking about a 45-minute online session after which you receive a $50 Amazon gift card to thank you for your participation.  



1.   You’re a Fizz mobile and/or Internet member. 

2.   Your plan has been active for at least six (6) months. 

3.   You have access (in a quiet area) to a computer equipped with a camera and microphone. 

4.   You’re available for 45 minutes among these dates*: 

·                   Monday, March 25, between 9am - 12 pm OR between 3pm - 5h30pm. 

·                   Tuesday, March 26, between 9am - 12pm. 

·                   Wednesday, March 27, between 9am - 12pm OR between 2pm - 5 pm. 

·                   Thursday, March 28, between 10am - 1pm OR between 3pm - 5h30pm. 

·                   Friday, March 29, between 9am - 2pm. 


*All dates and times are based on Eastern Time. 



It’s first come, first served so send us a quick email with your full name and your availabilities (dates and times) at uxfizz@gmail.com. 



The Fizz team. 



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