WhatsApp "We couldn't send an SMS to your number"

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I have an iPhone. Afterthe iOS17 update I reset my phone and restored from backup. Since then, I cannot use WhatsApp. No matter what option I choose to verify, it does not work. The most common verification, using my correct phone number that is on my phone, returns "We couldn't send an SMS to your number."

I have done all of the basic troubleshooting including,,

Restart phone

Uninstall, reinstall WhatsApp

Disable Wifi and try on celluar

Disable Cellular and try on WiFi

Reset phone again

Checked all settings for WhatsApp

I also contacted WhatsApp who told me to do all of the above, which I had explained in my original contact to them I had already done.

The only thing I haven't done is contact Fizz to verify my APN settings are configured correctly. And before I do, I want to know if that is an actual useful troubleshooing step and not WhatsApp trying to do as little as possible. Also, has anyone else had this problem before?




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