My Referral Bonus Didn't Work, What Should I do?

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I referred someone and after two months of them being with Fizz, I got the notification that I got the 25$ reward but when I check my balance nothing shows up. Should I contact support or just wait a little longer to see if anything will pop up?

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    Hi @Ivaylo_Code_W6WLS

    The 25$ must be listed, but grey out for the first month (in pending state)

    From the guide

    To track the status of your invited friends, and know the amount of the referral bonus you'll receive (or referral bonuses if several of your friends activated their plan using your referral code); sign into your Fizz account. Then go under My benefizz > My crew > Referral bonuses.

    You'll see a summary of your referral bonuses, including the amount of each:

    • The amount under Pending corresponds to your referral bonuses that are waiting for your friends’ second payment.  
    • The amount under Total received represents the bonuses you received.
    • Under Used, you’ll see the amount of your bonuses that were applied to date on your monthly payments.
    • The amount under Balance corresponds to the amount left to apply to your upcoming payments.


    To see the referral bonuses that were applied to your payments, check your Transaction history.


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