CSC code Wi-Fi VoLTE ?

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Does Fizz have its own CSC code or is it using VTR (Videotron) ?

I noticed since I switched over to Fizz my WiFi & VoLTE calling option disappeared from the call settings menu...

I have the new red lightening sim card in Samsung S9+ upto date firmware etc... but I notice my phone CSC is stlll RWC (Rogers) so I'm wondering if something there disabled the aforementioned missing options since I'm with Fizz?


  • Code_KRUEW
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    Fizz does not have Wi-Fi calling so that just isn't available.

    For VoLTE, you need to have the new SIM card with the red lightning bolt and a compatible phone. Maybe your phone is not on the list?

  • Whizz
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    Hello h3ll,
    Thank you for describing your situation to us.
    Fizz does not support calls over Wi-Fi (VoWiFi), however, we do support calls over data (VoLTE calls) for Fizz VoLTE-certified phones.
    I have verified your account and your phone model is not Fizz VoLTE-certified. You can verify if your phone is VoLTE certified here:
    I hope you have a pleasant day!

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