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So I read an article saying that Videotron quietly acquired VMedia back in 2022.

So, there is an IPTV service called River TV a VMedia company now a Videotron company so the question is if they already have an IPTV service with limited tv channels most of them from Corus Entertainment why not add more channels from Quebecor/Videotron like TVA, Addik, Canal D and so on, so we can have a proper IPTV service and not tie to an specific internet service provider.

Also the River TV app needs a major update to fix a lot of issues.

I don’t understand why Fizz is the only internet service provider that doesn’t offer TV service. They are missing this opportunity.

Illegal IPTV shouldn't be an alternative for people it would be better for Fizz to make a little bit of money from people who would pay for the service than people spending their money in who knows services I think Fizz is not taking this option seriously, I rather pay for YouTube TV than have to change my internet service provider just for TV service. 

Fizz should do something about providing TV service via an app like what they already own River TV.

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