Fizz vs Fido

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advantages and disadvantages!?

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  • Sergiy R.
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    Fizz has the better price! Fido is expensive


  • Dragonboat
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    A contract with Fido looks more attractive!

    Fizz more affordable tariffs...

  • Vasiok
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    fizz is less expensive.

  • Mataze
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    Fizz FTW

    In general, Fizz is less expensive. Furthermore;

    ·   FIZZ is a subdivision Vidéotron and using the same network, technicians, and services than Vidéotron.

    ·   Plan Hub suggests Fizz as #1 supplier comparing to many different companies.

    ·   Everything at a very affordable price.

    Here are other advantages with Fizz 

    ·   Unused datas are transferred automatically to the next month ‘till 2 months. Isn’t it great ? Source

    ·   Share datas with different Fizz’s users for free. Super nice! Source

    ·   Referral program and gift program allow you to receive gift, rebates etc (example : 1Go free data, 2$ discount on EVERY month bills for 2 years applicable). Source

  • telmorrr
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    Fido is pretty good to get new top of the line phones