Extra data

Hi! Not that much data, only have a 2GB plan. But still can give 2-3x 0,5 gb.

Just leave your referal code


    VVILLIAM Posts: 10

    I would really need a boost right now. That would be so sweet from you! 😊


  • Guizmelle
    Guizmelle Posts: 4

    I'm sorry. It's saying that you don't have a data plan so I can't gift you data. And I'm out of perks to give away.

  • Amazing1t
    Amazing1t Posts: 5

    Me please 🤗


    Thank you!!!!

  • SkyHigh88
    SkyHigh88 Posts: 16

    DG1NA. Thanks for sharing

  • JTardif
    JTardif Posts: 24

    here it is:


    Thx you!

  • Trev
    Trev Posts: 4

    ZB6HW if you have any left

  • PTD
    PTD Posts: 7

    My Code: 9J78Q

    Thanks foe ur kindness 🥰

  • sinol
    sinol Posts: 17

    My code is M6BAV. 

    Thanks for sharing

  • eveve
    eveve Posts: 4

    Hi, if you have data left, I do need some data that you can spare

    Code: XJEHG