Are VoLTE calls available to Fizz users through roaming partners in the USA

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To Fizz users in the USA. If you are making calls using your Fizz Canada + USA plan through roaming with US Networks ( AT&T, T-Mobile,...), we would like to hear from you. We would like to understand how the Fizz roaming partners are processing phone calls: through 3G networks or 4G LTE (VoLTE).

Before making a phone call, the top status bar should show the LTE status of the mobile connection. DURING THE CALL, for a 3G call, the 3G status should show up in the top status bar, OR for a VoLTE call, the LTE status should still show up in the top status bar.

Kindly let us know so we can anticipate problems with calls making in the USA once 3G networks are shut down by T-Mobile or others. Thanks everybody!

Below top status bar showing LTE connection


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    As for me, I will be in Connecticut in 2 weeks, and I will update

  • I do not think so, No volte, no wifi calling, no eSim 😔

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    We're you still able to make phone calls? AT&T has dropped 3G networks and T-Mobile has just about completed 3G shutdown. Calls are done on 2G (GSM) or 3G networks only. 4G networks can't make calls unless they allow VoLTE or HD Voice.

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  • I was just in Vermont yesterday roaming on T mobile and phone calls would not work. Trying other networks does not work either. What is Fizz doing to correct this situation as 3G is almost non existent in the US yet they still advertise and charge for USA coverage though it does not work.

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    It's what I fear. I will be in north eastern USA next week riding to Connecticut, and I hope to bring good news.

    I have the Canada + USA plan, but what good does it do if you can't make phone calls.

    A few questions:

    1. Have you installed the new VoLTE Fizz Sim card

    2. What phone are you using

    3. Are you able to connect to 4G or LTE networks

    4. Was your Canada + USA plan really activated? The plan activates in the following billing period.

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    @Stephen Larin

    To check if your Canada + USA plan is activated:

    Go to your Fizz app, type PLAN - MANAGE

    You should see confirmation that your Canada + USA plan is activated

  • To answer your questions:

    1. No, I did not install the new VoLTE sim card. Did not know it existed or how to go about getting one.
    2. Samsung Galaxy A32 5G
    3. Yes. according to my sim card status. I was roaming on T-Mobile on LTE network for both voice and data.
    4. I have been on a Canada-USA plan since I joined. It has always worked flawlessly up to and including 2 weeks ago when I was also in Vermont.

    As for point #1, when was this sim card available and is it a simple matter of replacing the current card with this one?

    I appreciate any guidance that can be given.

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    @StStephen Larin,

    First this is what Fizz has to say about VoLTE (Voice over LTE). In Canada, it's not really a top priority, but in the USA, it definitely is a big concern as the major mobile providers have dropped the 3G networks, and these were the ones that allow you to make phone calls.

    1. You can purchase the new Sim card in some Couche-tard stores. Located in major areas, these stores sell the Sim card for something around $11. Fizz should send these free, but no one knows when. Fizz says you need it for VoLTE.

    2. A32 5G should support VoLTE. I would have to check

    3. Two ways of knowing if your call is done on 4G LTE Networks, or the old 3G (UMTS or WCDMA): Your top status bar displays LTE before you launch the phone call. As soon as you are in call mode, the top status bar will display your new network status. With VoLTE, the status bar stays LTE. If it jumps to 3G, or even 4G on some phones, it means your call is forwarded using a still existing 3G network.

    If you have installed Networks Signal Info (from PlayStore), the app will tell you what network type (3G UMTS WCDMA or 4G LTE) and frequency band you are tuning.

    4. This 3G drop is new. AT&T quit 3G last February, others have quit in March, and T-Mobile will drop 3G by July 1st

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    @Stephen Larin

    Made a phone call in Quebec with my wife's phone. And this is the informationI get thru Réseau Signal Info app (Network Signal Info same app).

    Voice is thru LTE 4G+ network, band #4 at 2050Mhz. Videotron has VoLTE, so no need for 3G networks. My phone with Fizz needs 3G networks to make calls

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    My first call in Vermont...Call is VoLTE.

    But made another call in Connecticut. Call was over Edge 2G GSM network. But in both cases, I was able to make phone calls

  • @ah727

    This is great to hear. I would just like to verify that you are using the new VoLTE sim card. If that is the case then getting one for myself should fix my problem as I am using my original sim card. Thanks for your help.

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    @Stephen Larin

    Yes I purchased the new Fizz Sim card at a Couche-tard store. I can't confirm it's better, Fizz says you need it, but if you want to avoid issues, get one installed before you leave for the states

  • excellent news ! thank you ah727 for update !

  • just did a call test in Ottawa but drops on 3g

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    Calls are ALWAYS done over 3G or 2G networks, not over 4G networks, unless your mobile provider supports VoLTE (Voice over LTE). Videotron supports VoLTE, but seems Fizz doesn't yet, even if you have installed the new Fizz Sim card.

  • yeap, the provider didn't offer it yet. you are right.

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    Would like to report I was in Alaska in May using old Fizz sim card in a Pixel 2. The phone connected to At&t using LTE for data and dropping down to 3g for calls.

    Also, my old Kindle 3g could connect and use at&t 3g service.

    There was no T-Mobile available when searching for networks. The only allowed provider was At&t.

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    So it looks like in Alaska, 3G networks are still available, and Fizz still works with AT&T.

    In Vermont, NH, and Connecticut, I wasn't able to connect to AT&T and T-Mobile was using 2G networks for calls.

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    Went to the USA recently, found that any call was either hard to or not connecting at all. I have a Pixel 4 XL with VOLTE capabilites. Sim card HAS the red lightning logo. Took a Canada USA data plan because I am going to the USA on july 1st, and I can see that my Canada+US plan was not applied. I'm starting to assume because of the VOLTE problems. I'm now stuck having paid for a probably useless Canada+US plan that is not even activated. Anyone had any more luck recently getting their US plan to work with their phone?

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    To check if your Canada + USA plan is actived, go to your Fizz app, type PLAN , MANAGE

    If your plan has been activate it will show.

    You must take your CANADA + USA plan at least 5 days before your current billing period ends, and your CANADA + USA plan will be actived for the next billing period.

    In North eastern USA, the roaming. mobile provider is T-Mobile, and this provider uses 2G networks for calls.

    If you install Network Signal Info app from PlayStore, you will see what networks your phone is connected to.

    Good luck.

  • Hope Fizz did everything right and Volte Roaming is working in US. I changer all my family members cells to Us+Canada plan. I did my part and bought new SIMs with Volte.

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    VoLTE was not working mid June in North eastern USA. Calls will come through 2G GSM networks.

    Don't forget to switch back manually to 4G LTE after the call (switch airplane mode on and off)

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    If ever you are in the USA, and you cannot make phone calls, this image shows that 2G GSM networks are still used by T-Mobile to transmit phone calls. It depends on where you are. As a last option, try to choose T-Mobile's 2G GSM network. If that doesn't work, and you have access to 4G LTE networks (VoLTE calls not working) you won't have any choices other than using Skype, Messenger, Google Duo, or another app for making calls.

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    Can Fizz let is know when we will the new sim?

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    They said they would roll them out slowly in batches. They have not given anyone exact dates, and customers will be contacted. How quickly will it be done, no one knows really.

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    Uzedia reported July 21 2022:

    Reporting from my short trip to Vermont. Between the border (Philipsburg) and Burlington the 3G network was working without any problems. Between Burlington and Waterbury only LTE (ATT with a strong signal, T-Mobile 2 bars only) was working.

    Thanks Uzedia!

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    Its great that people are reporting about their experiences in the US. However, it would be "nice" if people would include their phones make and model. Just saying it does not work, is not very useful.

    The real question is "Is your phone even capable of making VoLTE calls". Just having a phone connected to the LTE network is necessary but not sufficient. A very easy way to check is to look at the AT&T white list. If your phone is NOT on the list, it will not work. To find the list just search for "Devices-Working-on-ATT-Network.pdf". (I don't want to post a link to the AT&T web site).