I have to beg for some data after bungle from Fizz

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I moved into a new place this week and I had an appointment for moving the fizz router but when he came, the guy was in a hurry and wouldn't stay long enough to test the connection.

Of course, the internet didn't work and Fizz is of no help to get it solved quickly.

I've blown through my data in the 4 days since this happened and I'm going to need a lot of data to be able to work from home. So I have to beg the community for help...

Here is my referral code : OX4TA

Thank you all


  • Jacky L. #38703
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    Sent some, enjoy

  • StefanM
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    I will send you some too. Hope it helps :)

    Did you point this problem out to Fizz support? They might be able to help you schedule an appointment earlier.

  • FaresFizz
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    Yes, I have been chatting with support since Thursday but outside asking me to be patient and to show understanding, I had very little help.

    I was offered a refund on the 2 Gb I bought but they said that's it, there won't be any more refunds for data no matter how long the situation takes to be resolved.

    It makes me very frustrated to have to deal with their mistakes on my own but I'm trying not to get mad and stay positive. Your data gifts are helping immensely and you guys already did for me more than the customer support!!

    Thank you all.

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