can i do my payment 6 days in advance

Kathvac Posts: 3

hello, as the title said, I will like to know if I may do the payment in advance, I am due on the 17 of May but I do not know if I will have the fund since I have other bills to pay before fizz.

so I was wondering if it has a possibility to send money in advance for a couple of days.


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    unfortunately, this is not possible because the debit system is automated and the amounts collected can only be done on the specific anniversary dates of each service.

  • Kathvac
    Kathvac Posts: 3

    alright, but if i dont have the money on the due date, my account will be suspended. i have the fund atm, in 6 day i may not have it because like i said i have another thing to pay that is as important as my internet bill. That system should be change

  • Hello @Kathvac, payment is an automated process. If you have the funds now, set the money aside in an envelope or jar. This is one of the 'features' of prepaid.