Data to Gift

I have quite a bit of Data left that I am happy to give away (~ 15 GB)

Drop your code if you need some!



  • Jess_i88b6
    Jess_i88b6 Posts: 5,794

    Hi @hilaryr

    Thank you for sharing, this is my referral i88b6

  • Kamelia
    Kamelia Posts: 4

    I would really appreciate that,😍♥️

    my code: 66KGA

  • Fizzy
    Fizzy Posts: 9,618

    Hi, are you sure that you are having the same code as me?

    @hilaryr Thanks for your generous offer! I'm good with data for now.

  • Maximax
    Maximax Posts: 4

    Hello, I am in need of data please, I messed up


    Thank you

  • AK1_
    AK1_ Posts: 14

    hello HO5J1 please😢 ❤️

  • Maximax
    Maximax Posts: 4

    Hello, I messed up and I am out of data. Can you help me out please. WIG92

  • yummymeow
    yummymeow Posts: 2

    Any amount would be greatly appreciated!


  • hilaryr
    hilaryr Posts: 5

    Thanks everyone! I've sent out all that I have been able to. I hope I helped some folks out!

  • FlofloQC18
    FlofloQC18 Posts: 63

    Oh wow I would highly appreciate!!! Put of data soon :(


  • Andrej
    Andrej Posts: 123

    I could really use some. Running low



  • Nikis
    Nikis Posts: 12
    edited May 2022

    Hello ,

    if you still have some, I could use some.

    Thank you so much


  • Mine is BBABS.

    Thanks a lot!

  • shao3m
    shao3m Posts: 33

    Could use some if you still had some! Thanks 2NCLC

  • Hello @hilaryr, cheers for offering up your surplus data. If you decide to gift some data to me, my code is 73TF9.

    Happy Fizzing.

  • Hulk
    Hulk Posts: 6

    I would really appreciate if you could send some my way.

    My code is JIY47

    I work in remote areas and sometimes wifi is unavailable. I have about 10 days left

    Thank you in advanced

  • PTD
    PTD Posts: 10

    Hi. I will be grateful if you can share some data with me. I'm on the way and going out of data.

    Code: 9J78Q

    Thanks a lot

  • Nicolas514
    Nicolas514 Posts: 42

    i cant receive or send data since u dont have a data plan.. so stupid. i do have data because of my rewards..

  • Mare514
    Mare514 Posts: 4

    Hi! If you have any data left to gift, I would greatly appreciate it! QZ387

  • sinol
    sinol Posts: 19
  • eveve
    eveve Posts: 4

    Hi, if you have data left, I do need some data that you can spare

    Code: XJEHG

  • ycam_r
    ycam_r Posts: 1

    Do you have some left? Thanks in advance! Would really need it 🤍

    Code: 684B1

  • yong
    yong Posts: 2

    Please gift me a little bit data if you have some left.

    Thank you very much!

    REF CODE: I667Y

  • stewin
    stewin Posts: 13


    If you have any left...

    Campground wifi is completely useless so I'm always on data (I'll know if tor next summer, won't pay for wifi). I will change my plan for the remaining months of summer but until July 8th, I'll be a little tight.

    My code is 51D7K


  • luclacasse
    luclacasse Posts: 10

    Hey, anything from anybody would be appreciated. 4TXJW

  • Sam_Y
    Sam_Y Posts: 20

    Hi, if you still have some data left, I'd appreciate some! Here's my code:


  • Hi. If you have any to spare i would appreciate it.

    I just switched phones and didn't activate any days savers and I've used it all up

    My code is


    Thank you

  • hi please spare me some of your data

    code: 95YSD

  • 1U6H4

    I underestimated the amount of data i need this month (working in the north) so that would be appreciated!

  • nooraldeen
    nooraldeen Posts: 23

    Hello, i just moved in a new apartement and wifi won't be installed before 25th of july, i Really need some GB. Thanks to all donors !

    My code is CVBHR

  • Camilia
    Camilia Posts: 2

    Hi! I'm late, but just in case you have some left: