financing a preloved phone?

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The price is not the same when financed for 2 years

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    Many factors can explain this. First, taxes are not included in the price before finalizing the deal with Paybright. Second, there may have been a change in the interest rate due to your credit profile. Third, I heard that some preloved phones have different interest rates than others.

    Financing a phone might be a good option, but there are so many variables explaining differences in interest rates that it is hard to find a right price before checkout.


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    Salut @Jacques P. #31490

    For sure there is some interest that make the price difference

  • Why is there over $4. a month more for an Iphone 11 I want to order for 24 months ?

    Should be $28.29 a month but jumps to over $32. a month.

    They say no interest or fees yet they do this?

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    Here is some explanation from Fizz help page -

    which may explain the difference

    The PayBright conditions in a nutshell*:

    *Visit the PayBright website for detailed information on all their terms and conditions. See Paybright’s terms and conditions

    • The estimated payment amount shown to you before you finalize your transaction excludes taxes.
    • The interest rates offered by PayBright may vary in time and per phone model.
    • On the Regular Interest Plan for monthly instalments, applicants not approved for a 9.95% interest plan may be offered payment plans with applicable interest rates no greater than 19.95%, depending on their personal credit profile.

  • Thank you for the answers......I forgot about sales tax not included in the price.

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