Data wasnt added :(

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Hi everyone. New to this but my perk of data ran out and when i tried to add data to the pman it only worked for following month. Does anyody have some data to share and if so how do we proceed please.. thanks in advance. Referal code K2LT2


  • Philemon24
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    I hope you get some soon but read the following.

    Some friendly tips...

    ...For those requesting data

    ...For those gifting data

    • Data must come from your current monthly basis
    • Data cannot come from:
      • a rollover from a previous month
      • an Upgrade
      • an Add-on
      • a previous data gift
    • You get rewarded too in My Rewards program
      • You'll get closer to getting your next Hero badge (for gifting data to 1, 5, 10, or 25 friends) earning more points
      • Gifting from your data plan gives you 3pts

  • Clive_ref_code_73TF9
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    Hello @ShayShay, data Perks expire at the end of your next billing period. If you need more data on a regular basis, is is best if you up the data amount in your regular monthly plan. The Data Perks Fizz announced should arrive in our accounts sometime this month.

  • KarinC
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    Hi, i tried giving you data but i can't because it says that you do not have a mobile plan.

  • ShayShay
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    thats so weird :( Ill inquire about this and see why, thanks for trying

  • ShayShay
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    @Clive HI Clive, I know thats what is weird I tried to change my plan prior to my perk expiration date and it stated that I could not change plans at that moment. it was the day prior to it expiring . now ( the day after) it says it will only be applied the 6 of May :(

  • Philemon24
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    Back in February, Fizz changed the plan freeze period from 2 days to 4.5 days before your plan.

    So essentially, any change to a plan must be done about 5 days before its cycle.

    And as I stated earlier, to be able to receive data gifts...

    Your mobile plan must be active and have a data plan (empty or not). Perks and Upgrades are not considered part of the data plan.

    If you do pay for monthly data but cannot receive any, then there is a bug. I suggest you chat with Fizz to fix this and enable gift reception.