Dual Sim on IPhone11

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I have a personal phone with FIZZ.

And my employer gave me another phone with Bell.

I would like to keep my Fizz personal line and use it on my work phone with Dual Sim.

Has anyone done that? - I apparently need a QR code. Does Fizz give those out and if so, how do I request it for?

Thank you in advance!

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    Very well explained. Perfect. Thank you so much!


  • Lisa C. #527
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    Hi, unfortunately, the eSIM technology with Apple supported phones does not work with Fizz. You will need to use the physical SIM card for the Fizz account.

    Although, you may be able to ask Bell to provide you the eSIM instead. The iPhone 11 allows one physical SIM along with an eSIM.

    Good luck!

  • Joe1
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    Thank you! so if I ask for a eSIM to Bell - that means that my personal Fizz phone needs to be the phone I use?

    I need to be using my work phone - so from what you are saying, I cannot get a eSIM from Fizz, then that won't work.

    Have a great Day!

  • EricPD
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    you can switch your Bell SIM in your work phone into an eSIM. Then, you would be able to insert your personal Fizz SIM card into your work phone and use both lines with your work phone.

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    Wow! That is a really cool feature! Thanks to @Lisa C. #527 for this great answer too!

  • Lisa C. #527
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    Not necessarily, just have Bell switch their current SIM card to an eSIM and then you should be able to add your Fizz SIM card into your work phone.