Getting unwanted wrong phone call all day long.

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I am getting more then a 100 phone call a day from unknown people .

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    Hello @Krikor, I suggest you change your phone number. Fizz, like any provider, has limited capability to block calls without knowing the call is for certain SPAM. This all happens when for some reason your number ends up on SPAM callers' lists and often involves spoofing.


  • Krikor
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    Lately I am getting so many wrong or unwanted call a day, Is there is solution for that .

    I know I could block the numbers but it is always a different number.

  • This is going to require some assistance from Fizz directly. Can't image you can do much from your phone.

    Contact them and explain. They may recommend that you change your number.

    Normally, I'd say contact them from this page, but it may not be working at present:

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    Did you get a new phone number? If it's the case, then I would ask Fizz to change the phone number, as it has probably been "scammed".

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    I didn't get a new number , i have this number for 3 years , but lately I started to get these phone calls from every where , from the USA & Canada all day long , I fed up.

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