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Is my phone compatible with fizz LTE frequency by any chance?

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    Check this site for the information you seek:


    I've had several Xiaomi phones myself. They work on Videotron infrastructure.

    There are a couple of bands that they don't support, but this is not a problem unless you live in certain other provinces. Again, the frequency check website can confirm.


  • Hello @john12347 , there is a link on the Fizz website to check compatibility. It is most likely compatible so long as your phone was sold to work with North American providers, some phone makers have different models for different continents. Even so, many international versions will still work, just not as well such as less than ideal reception and slower data speeds or will spend more time connecting to the Fizz network. Make sure you reset the network settings to factory and then insert your Fizz SIM and if within a few hours you have trouble connecting manually add the Fizz APN settings

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