Fizz adjusted the mobile plan prices

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For your information. Fizz adjusted the prices for their mobile plans. They seem to be worse than what was offered before. However, Fizz constantly adjusts their price structure.

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  • Doomdrou
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    Yes, prices have changed for new users and current users who are changing plans. However, current users who are not changing their plan will not pay more.


  • Fling
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    Yea they do and it's rarely a good surprise !

  • SquikyBird
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    Nothing as change in the last month 🤔

  • Sam_Y
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    Can you tell me what exactly has changed? Is it for a specific feature like text or voicemail?

  • Hello @StefanM, thanks for pointing that out. To everyone else, Fizz changed the pricing applicable to new Fizz members and when an existing member changes his/her plan. The new rates are horrible, the 13GB data plan is about $10 more. The new rates are not competitive in my mind and when/if I change my plan, I will be revisiting other providers. Price matters Fizz.

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    Indeed, Fizz constantly adjusts the price structure. And what is likely to become less pleasant for some is that it is one of Fizz’s main strengths to be able to modify our plans according to our needs of the moment, or a trip, at each payment cycle, whereas with these adjustments the modification of a plan will suddenly become much less interesting for those who are not new subscribers...

  • Sickboy
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    Glad i made adjustments right before the price hike i will stick with my 40$ 12gig for a long time

  • Luke_Skywalker
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    What is the change in price ?

    Right now for internet :

    10/1.5 = 39$

    30/10 = 45$

    60/10 = 50$

    120/20 = 55$ (*)

    200/30 = 75$ (*)

    (*) It's a shame that Fizz, and also Videotron, control and throttle the upload on those plan. They also block some ports to be sure that you will not host any server or web site on your computer.

  • StefanM
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    The internet prices weren't changed. The phone plans were :)

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