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I'm new to Fizz. Started in Nov with 6 gb data and by Dec I have rollover data and this month 6 gb data. I want to adjust my plan for Jan, but wanted to know if I don't end up using all my 6 gb data for Dec, will they be rolled over to Jan? Also these rolled over 6 gb data will last how long? 1 month or 2months? I'm thinking of adjusting the mobile plan to no data for Jan and even Feb. Can someone shed light on this matter? Thanks in advance.

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    Rollover is for 2 months. And yes you keep the data (since you already paid for it - since Fizz is prepaid) until it expires after the second rollover. You can even modify to have no data in your current plan, and you will still keep this data till it expires.

    However if you have any preferential pricing for your plan (from some promo or something), you will no longer have that promo pricing. Your plan will be charged at the current plan rates.

    Here is a small FAQ which goes into some detail:

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    Hi Fanny,

    Here what fizz say about this

    Rolled over mobile data is valid over the following two months.

    Your mobile plan will always use the oldest data first (thus, your rolled over data). In other words, you might have leftover data again at the end of your current cycle, and that data will be rolled over to next month. Keep in mind that rolled over mobile data cannot be gifted to another Fizz member.

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    Nobody likes losing something they’ve paid for. Which is exactly why we roll over your unused data at the end of each month. There’s nothing you need to do — your unused data is automatically rolled over to the next month at the end of each payment cycle.

    Rolled over data lasts for the two following payment cycles, even if you change your plan. It’s always used before your monthly data. So if you have rolled over data, you’ll use it up first and then move onto the data in your regular plan. 

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    Good evening


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    Thank you @Emporium

    It seems my current plan $39 (Data 6 GB | Minutes Unlimited | Texts Unlimited | Coverage Canada | Visual Voicemail Yes) is not as good as now it's $39 with 9 gb data...other options stay the same.

    Also is there an easier way to see the end date of the data be it rolled over or not (instead of expiring in 59 days...)?

  • Yes, Dec's data will roll over Jan.

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