Is the voicemail feature worth it?

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I recently switched from a prepaid plan from another company and I didn't add the visual voicemail with my current Fizz plan, since I almost never got any voicemails before.

I was just wondering: How many voicemails do you get on average? Do you think the feature is worth it and why?

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    Keep in mind that by default there is NO voicemail included with a Fizz plan, unless you take the "visual voicemail". They renamed it to visual voicemail so people don't assume that Visual voicemail was an added cost above and beyond regular basic voicemail, but I think it created just as much confusion for some people. Some people think that basic regular voicemail is included and the option on the plan page is JUST to add visual option.

    I have voicemail on my phone, and I definitely need it, since often I am in meetings with customers and get calls from doctors or other people for appointments. This way I can just let it go to voicemail and get the message that way, since some of these people are hard to call back. Also, sometimes it is people I don't really care to talk to at that moment (no mood for discussions), so I will let it go to voicemail and that way, if it is anything urgent, they can leave a message. Otherwise, they'll call back another day.


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    Hi Sam,

    Yes, no more nip needed !

    Easy to use, learn about it here

    Have a nice day

  • Sam_Y
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    Yes I'm aware the visual voicemail is the same as the basic voicemail!

    Thank you for your insight. I usually get the appointment calls on my home phone, so I guess it depends on the situation!

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    For me it worth it, I do not want to miss an important. I suppose it's all about your needs.

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    I get many on my home phone, but lately it's been a bit of both. I find that once you give someone your cell number (for some emergency or something), they tend to always call the cell phone first and ignore the home phone.

    But like you said, it depends on the situation. I don't get many honestly. And I have never really thought about it, since my cell phone plan is with another company, and basic voicemail is included. So not really an option where I would save money if I did not have it.

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    Yes it is worth it!

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    If you have a nice deal because of a grand-fathered plan which excludes the voicemail then I'd say it is not worth it.

    Not only you will pay the 2$ for the voicemail that so far you managed to do without, but also and mainly, you will pay more because changing plan will make you abandon your grandfathered plan thus probably paying way more for the voicemail than you think.

    Also, visual voicemail does not work with my VPN. Maybe it's just me.

    Finally, visual voicemail doesn't work on wifi and uses your mobile data (albeit not much, though the alternative is calling the non-visual voicemail which is included in your unlimited minutes).

    On the other hand, if you receive a voicemail every hour, then yes it is a good visual app to pick and choose which voicemail to listen to first. You don't have to go through a long list for the one that interests you.

    In short:

    • if you receive many calls, definitively YES. Otherwise, it's up to you but I'd say probably not.
    • Good thing is, if you already have voicemail then VISUAL voicemail i.e. their app is included in your plan.
  • Alexsolo
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    I find voicemails plain annoying. If its important they'll call-back or send a text. Else I don't need people constantly calling me.

  • Thank you!

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    visual voicemail is included in voicemail. also i have got a lot spam calls, i send all non contacts calling to voicemail

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