How to activate before Dec.3rd?

I can't make an appointment before the 4th.

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    For internet, it is not a problem. As long as you create and order your plan before Dec 3rd, you will be fine. You can schedule it for a later time.

    When one of your friends uses your referral code during their subscription for their mobile or Home Internet service, you will each receive a $100 referral bonus on their two-month anniversary with Fizz.

    So it is when you subscribe to internet or Activate a SIM card (which is effectively when the plan is created for cell).


  • Cleg
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    You need to use someone’s code: You can use my code D3YYV.

    It will get you 100$ of you use it before Dec 3rd.

  • yoddie
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    As long as you registered before that date and booked the appointment, you should be OK

  • StefanM
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    Fizz is a pre-paid service. As soon as you sign up for the new internet plan and schedule your appointment, you will be charged and the rate will be locked in. That also means that at this point you can put in a referral code and get the referral bonus. So it doesn’t matter when the installation happens :)

  • StefanM
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    Stop posting referral codes. It’s agains the community guidelines. There is a dedicate thread for that!

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