Has anyone found a way to block a specific device on your home network from accessing the internet?

I want the wifi device to:

  • be able to connect to the wifi network
  • be reachable from other devices inside my home
  • but not be able to connect to the internet

It's a Wyze Cam that I'm setting up, I'm planning on connecting to it locally at home but I don't want it on the internet. The Fizz router has a lot of options, I've tried a few, but the documentation is a bit unclear - has anyone succeeded at doing this before?

If not I'll have to get a separate router/firewall for this - trying to avoid that.



  • Zenthar
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    It appears the Wyse app connects through the internet to the camera, even if on the local network so if you block it you won't be able to use it (unless you hack it somehow). But, to answer your initial question, the Fizz routeur doesn't allow for that kind of selective. For that level of control, you might want to get your own router and one that suport a 3rd party firmware like dd-wrt.

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