How to transfer my phone number from Fizz to another provider without SIM card?

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I'm trying to transfer my phone number from Fizz to Virgin Mobile but I didn't keep my Fizz (old) SIM card. I have received an email from Fizz that the transfer is expired because I didn't confirm the transfer by SMS. What can I do?

Thanks, Rolande

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    Hi Rolande,

    if you are transferring your number over to another mobile provider: 

    - Once you completed your subscription with this new provider and requested the transfer of your Fizz number, you’ll receive via text messaging a transfer authorization request. This text MUST be answered within the prescribed time frame (90 minutes) to confirm your wish to transfer this number. 

    - If this text message remains unanswered, or if you answer after the prescribed time, your request to transfer your number will be cancelled.


    Since to be able to reply to this message, you must have the Fizz SIM card in the device, your only way will be to keep your account open and replace your SIM card nor have a new number with Virgin...

    If you want to keep the number, once you have your new SIM card, you’ll have to replace and delete your old SIM card that’s associated with your plan, and activate the new one. Replace my SIM card ((My plans > Manage > Change SIM card). 

    So after that, you'll be able to keep your number and transfer it to Virgin Mobile.


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    @RolandeO You can try to contact Fizz by chat but I think you really need to have an active line to be able to transfer a number as well as answering Yes to the SMS,

    If Fizz can not help you, you can try this if your account is still active at Fizz : get a new SIM card (I heard they are free at Couche tard recently) Replace the SIM card in your account (and phone) and then transfer your account from Fizz

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