weird outdated error message when trying to apply a bonus


for my mobile plan, I am try to apply well earned bonus (upgrade), but I get this weird message that does not make sense to me.

Anyone has an idea?

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  • Jacques_Assert
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    I assume that your system clock is not off by a few years.

    This looks like a technical fault that needs a bug report via the contact '?' links.


  • Axel Q.
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    edited October 2021


    i contacted support and they escalated the issue.

    it may be because i just reactivated a plan which i disconnected back in 2019. Anyway that's a bug.

    similar outdated messages appear when trying to adjust the plan or trying to buy add on

  • Before you get it fixed, you should see if there are any useful features that you can grandfather in before.

    Who knows, maybe their prices will be from 2019 too.

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