How can I get a receipt of my October payments

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I really need an invoice or a document with my name, address and payments for this month. Every document on the Transaction history doesn't have my name, only my address. I saw a similar question asked back in 2019 with no clear answer, is there no solution to this problem ?

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    Hi Bruno,

    the only document that contains the informations you want is the services agreement.

    Here's how to find your Services agreement:

    1. Go to My Plans in your Fizz account.
    2. If you have multiple plans on your account, you will see them all here.
    3. Click on Manage plan for the plan you wish to view.
    4. In the Manage interface, scroll to the bottom and select Services agreements.
    5. All your Services agreements will be listed here by date. The most recent Services agreement document is the one that applies to your current plan.



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    Well there is nothing to add to what the previous post outlined. You should find everything now :)

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